Once you've compiled a list of keywords for which you want to create content you need to create not just content and competitive content .

So, what is competitive? In fact it is a combination of internal factors and external factors page. Internal factors are all that is within your site.

What internal factors need to be considered when creating a page? The title page, title page, text pages MUST be present keywords . However, if you try to fool the search engine and will use the keyword too often, the search engine can simply delete your page from the index for reoptimization (spam).

External factors that link to your site. Search engines see every day many indexed pages, sometimes they are one and the same. So what content to place on first? If you let one person simply ideal to optimize their websites, the content on their pages, the search engine in the discomfiture. What to do? Therefore, it was invented by reference ranging. That is, each page has a certain rank in the eyes of every search engine. Rank - the same as the authority. Each page has a certain level of credibility. And so it is determined how many sites and which sites link quality to this page. Thus, the search engine can determine whether worthy of attention given page or not. At one time, some scientists have used similar approach. If materials scientist were references in some other materials and books was considered cool scientist. Same thing here, the more quality links goes to your page from other sites the higher your page stand extradition. It is also very important to have something to reference itself that leads to your page contained the keyword of your page. Since this link search engine will give more credibility.

Now it would be logical to ask: "How do you get links to your pages" . There are numerous ways. There are both free and paid methods. Since we are studying the free promotion of sites that we consider only free methods. Once you have created a site, you generally have no idea where to get these links first that comes to mind is catalogs. In the Internet there are directories are websites where you can add a link to your website. In these directories you need to register. How to find these directories? You simply enter in the search engine "add site" and find directories. Register them choose the right section and add your link. Some directories require on your website link back to their site. In no case do not do it. Should not clutter up your website.

If you suddenly wondered: "How can initially search engines find my site" , then click Respond. If a search engine saw some link passed through it on your site and if she used on your site was not, then the search engine will index e this page (save it) and you will find yourself in the issue.

Just another way to get links is social bookmarking . Type in a search engine "social bookmarking" and you'll find social bookmarking sites where people just exchange links. And if you submit your site to social bookmarking sites, you not only get links to your site, and direct, but you will also be able to attract search engines to your site to index pages.

Well, the last. How can I get links to your pages? It is a natural way and the most powerful way! This is when you make your content so cool that people will want to refer to it. Did you have to write such an article in which information previously have never been published. About something provocative or shocking that will attract links. So think original. What kind of content you want to create links to it attracted? This is the main way of getting links.

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