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Once you realize the importance of content, and that it must be unique and of high quality, it's time to learn how to make your content claimed to be found in the search engines your target visitors.

There are two ways to make the content relevant. The first way - it's just interesting to write things that are likely to be interested in your audience, and perhaps gaining some inquiry people will visit your site. That is, go to the website targeted traffic. This way of working but it does not guarantee a steady stream of targeted visitors. The second method is a proven and it is he that you analyze first what people are already searching the internet and adjusting to these questions, you're content. So how do you find out what people are searching the internet. For this purpose there is free tools to analyze key queries:


On data services you can analyze certain key questions. Generally, the greater the popularity of the more request its competitiveness. Because more people want to grab a piece of that traffic. The question then becomes how to analyze competitiveness. After all, there are questions that have very popular and not very highly competitive. To do this you need to copy the query and just make it to search, for example Look at all that you found on the first page (top ten), because you want to be on this same page. Open each site and see what this site it represents. Can you estimate the competitiveness, just looking at the site? Yes you can. Also see the main page of the site whether it is or nested. Because people are struggling just master pages for the most competitive requests. You should consider it as the main pages have priority in the search rankings. Just look at whether there are key words, firstly, in the title page, and secondly, in the text of the page.

Also a very important factor that affects the competitiveness of this amount and quality of links that lead to this site. How can we determine how many links leading to the site? To do this, there are two basic indicators that Google PR (Google Page Rank) and TIC Yandex (thematic index of citing). If you go to the site you will be able to identify them with the help of special tools (Page Promoter Bar, RDS bar, etc.). Theme Yandex citation index is defined for the entire site, and Google pedzh rank each page separately. The more of these indicators, the more quality links leading to this site.

Thus, analyzing the key questions, select the appropriate questions for yourself and create content for them. Everything is so simple. Do not chase the high-frequency key demands, as they are highly competitive and optimize your site for them is much more difficult.

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