Promotion of a site from scratch

In this article you will learn how to promote your website from scratch with no prior knowledge and money on promotion. Essentially the method presented here, requires absolutely no investment. However, you have to invest your time and effort. But, nevertheless, work can always delegate. I say this in order that you would understand that nothing is free does not happen. You do not want to pay for promotion, then you will have to work harder. Everything you learn here, you will have all the theory into practice and get results.

Before we get to the advice I want to ask you a few questions:

  1. Why should people generally spend their time visiting your site?
  2. Why do people visit some sites and do not pay attention to other sites?
  3. Why do people visit sites?
  4. What people need to do on the internet besides your own?

One answer - INFORMATION! People come to the internet for some information. And you have to provide this information. If you create a site for a specific audience, you must provide information (articles, materials, notes, etc.) for their audience. More information call content. CONTENT - it's useful that is on your site. All promotion is built around it. Because if your site is no content, it is no use to anyone.

There are several types of content, but we need to stop his attention to the text, particularly in the text in HTML. Why? Because most people still prefer to use search engines to find information, and these search engines better recognize the text on your site (text-HTML). So even if you place on your site photos, videos, you should make them at least a small description.

But you also have to consider myself a range of content. It is also called VHF which means unique, high-quality and relevance. If your site has unique content, it means that no part of the content on other websites. Otherwise, why would people come to your site if they can go to other sites that one, let's say, some reprinted article. Your content should also be of high quality. That is, it should be easy and enjoyable to read. For example, if content is available as a description of your product, then people must be willing to buy your product after reading the content. But the most important content should be demanded. Otherwise, if it is no use to anyone, then no one will come to read, watch. The content should be of relevance to your audience.

Let's take a step back and just see where people generally come to the site, to better understand the concept of VHF. Generally people come in three ways: type - in (for example, your web site address on your business card), referrals (eg link to your site from another site), search engine traffic (people find your website in search engines). And so referrals is essentially qualitative. That is, if your content is really good, then it will be invoked. And if your content is in demand then it will attract traffic. About the uniqueness I'm not talking. Because if your content is not unique it will refer to the source of the original content, and search engines will display the original source (so the search engines are arranged).

The most important quality content is, of course, demand. Demand directly affects the traffic to the site. In turn, the demand is influenced by two factors: the popularity and competition .

If any query or topic is very popular, the more visitors you will receive on your website. However, on the other hand, if the competition is too high, there is a chance that even with unique content, you will lose most of your visitors. It should be considered. Therefore, if there is competition, your content should have another quality - competitive.

So let us conclude that we have:

  1. To get more targeted visitors to your site, you must have more content for its target audience.
  2. The more existing content corresponds to the UHF band, the more people will go to your site.

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