Promotion site using articles

Today, the most current and proven way of site promotion is its promotion articles. This method allows to achieve legal means necessary results. What factors should be taken into account for the promotion of quality sites?

The most important in promoting the site articles is to write them, and only then should search sites, posting links and other issues. Article Writing - a time-consuming and laborious process, but literacy optimizer and the right approach, it can be greatly facilitated. This article will try to inform and help you to learn the easiest way to write articles and website promotion through sites.

First step: preparation of articles

If you have sufficient experience and competence, you can write an article yourself or translate found an article from another language. Another option is to order the desired article copywriter or rewriters. In general, the options are many, and each of them can be brought to life. For example, most optimizers, which support sites, buy ready-made article. However, they are assessing the quality of the content and check its uniqueness. The main fact is not, who will write the article, you or copywriter is the main, then that it was absolutely unique and really interesting to the reader.

Now we should consider what page of the site will be promoted in your article. According to many professional SEOs, the best option would be to place the article references to the main page of the resource and its internal contents.

Second stage: reproduction articles

Preparation of the article to its reproduction also has its principles and laws. In this case, the bottom line is that you have to prepare for each of the second / third word synonyms, and in the best case - for each word. Depending on how much you managed to find synonyms, will depend on the uniqueness of the article and its readability. Meanwhile, if you plan to use the exchange of articles, you will need to try hard to work on the article, because the moderators do not miss not unique article.

Another important point is the preparation of the article for the exchange. If you want to do everything in the best possible way, try to use tags, headings and subheadings, and things like that. In order to avoid any inconvenience when downloading a large number of articles on the exchange specific forms. These forms are designed to accommodate a batch of text data.

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