SEO.  Major mistakes beginners

When you first try to promote your site to search engines, they often make mistakes and failures. Avoid like, maybe, but before proceeding to site promotion should be carefully examined all the "pitfalls". The first experience is rarely enough to be the best, this rule also applies if you promote the site through a search engine. Currently, most companies have their own websites, netizens get a good profit on the Internet, and foundations to promote the necessary resources just need to know. But for this it is necessary to invest quite a considerable amount, and thus there is a great risk that you may lose money if the company is not profitable, or need to learn the error of people who have committed them, and study in detail the SEO.

The first error. It lies in the fact that there is always hope for a sufficiently rapid promotion. Beginners wanting to get a good profit from the site, immediately begin to buy a lot of different options. On the part of the search engine, this situation looks pretty strange, moreover, if the advertised site was created recently. Several years ago, "a reference explosion" gave enough positive effect, but now search resources refuse to respond to such links, and often become similar sites just send in a ban. 

The second mistake. Semantic kernel is designed correctly. Perhaps the promotion should begin immediately with a semantic kernel, as well as pick keywords. Site owners often carry selection of subjects, which does not correspond to the direction of the site and sending such requests. They can formally fit the topic, but for example for an online store, they did not fit. Semantic kernel must be tailored to the target audience of the site.

The third mistake. In this case, should not expect high-frequency queries in the early days of the site. This is due to the fact that there is a fairly high level of competition in the search engines they own rather staid and old resources, and move them down practically impossible. Best to start with queries of low and medium, they may also contain high requests.

The fourth mistake. Some site owners are afraid of outbound links and refuse to establish a link to another resource. In fact, you can set the reference, and it is desirable to point to enough high-quality resources.

Fifth mistake. Hope for quick results. Once starting to promote the site, once there is hope that in a few months, he got a pretty good performance. In most cases, the sort occurs, which leads to your disorders. Not getting the desired results, the owners often refuse to further promote the site. This is a big mistake, because also be aware that the site spent a lot of time and money. Need to work hard and to develop its resources, and then you will be able to achieve the necessary results to you.

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