Access and Security - Joomla Extensions

Access and Security - Joomla Extensions

Access and Security - the necessary extensions for joomla, that will safeguard your site from intruders, as well as restrict access to unwanted visitors. Securing your site under control. In the assembly of a plurality of modules authorization from spambots captcha plugin for your joomla website.

  • Xpert Access - module joomla


    Login or registration is sometimes the most important but the most annoying part when it is judged from the point view of visualization. So why not take a chance and try to make it even better to dazzle the visitors with a pretty login section? And for this purpose, ThemeXpert has released its fresh Login / Registration Module "XpertAccess". With an amazing and classy Lightbox effect, "XpertAccess" is very easy to handle. Facebook and Twitter integration is coming at the next version!

  • Improved AJAX Login & Register - component joomla


    Need a new Login and Registration interface? Improved AJAX Login is a very elegant extension, it speeds up the Login, Logout and Registration procedures with AJAX technology. These process never were so simple and easy, and the clean and smooth design, of course.

  • TZ Guard - plugin joomla


    This is a simple plugin which will help you to security your site. The administrator will be protected by a security code. Furthermore you can define a blacklist IP to refuse connection from spam ip and block the BOT system to access your site. The administrator will be protected by a security code.

  • ZOOaccess - plugin joomla


    ZOOaccess is a powerful extension to ZOO that allows you use the Joomla ACL to its fullest in your ZOO Elements. Native ZOO element functionality only allows you to assign elements to a User View access once and for all. If you want to control access to a single element in multiple ways (different for the submit form than a layout) you can not do it with standard ZOO. That limitation is now gone - in a big way. Now you can control access based upon User View access as well as User Group levels. You can also control access based upon where the element appears.

  • Register Module - module joomla


    It is a simple registration module for joomla 1.5 and joomla 1.6. It will help you to place joomla registration form in your desired position. Its a light weight module for joomla 1.5 and 1.6 native. 100% tableless and Compatible IE 7+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+, Chrome This module has released as free under the GNU General Public License or other free or open source software licenses.