Access and Security - Joomla Extensions

Access and Security - Joomla Extensions

Access and Security - the necessary extensions for joomla, that will safeguard your site from intruders, as well as restrict access to unwanted visitors. Securing your site under control. In the assembly of a plurality of modules authorization from spambots captcha plugin for your joomla website.

  • JA Login - module joomla


    JA Login Module is an alternative authentication module Joomla. Login module with special styles can be placed in a different area of ​​the site, while you can keep the standard login module in the default position.

  • JA Social Locker - module joomla


    JA Social Locker module is the best choice if you want to boost your campaign, it helps increase traffic to your site by encourage people to share your content via social channels. The module will lock your desired content (promotion info, coupon code...) in any article. The locked content is only displayed to user when they share your content via their social chanels: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. The module comes with multiple pre-made themes and buttons styles, it's also easy to customize style.

  • SJ Login, Register and Contact - joomla module


    Thanks to our great team, SJ Login, Register and Contact - a new Joomla extension is finally launched today! This product will provide you with a real way of making your visitors feel extremely comfortable to login, contact or register on your website. Can't wait? Check it out now. Most of websites create single pages for Sign in / Sign up or Contact. Sometimes it's difficult to find out such pages when navigating through a website.

  • JE Joomla Popup Login Module - module joomla


    Popup Login Joomla Module - beautiful authorization module for joomla. Module opens in a modal window.

  • JE Horizontal Login - module joomla


    JE Horizontal Login - Joomla authentication module on the site. Module appears after clicking on the button.