Access and Security - Joomla Extensions

Access and Security - Joomla Extensions

Access and Security - the necessary extensions for joomla, that will safeguard your site from intruders, as well as restrict access to unwanted visitors. Securing your site under control. In the assembly of a plurality of modules authorization from spambots captcha plugin for your joomla website.

  • Administrator Lock - plugin joomla


    Hides the administrator page to unwanted visitors unless they know a private keyword. Authorized visitors must enter the keyword as part of the URL to gain administrator login access, where they can enter their login user and password information. The JoomlaXTC Administrator Lock plugin adds two new security features to the administrator pages of a Joomla website.

  • Age Lock Content Plugin - plugin joomla


    One of the most requested features to Joomla content is access control, while many new content components have added this feature and Joomla 1.6 touts better Content control, there is still a missing link - Age Verification. Now you can collect age verification for articles based on the JoomlaXTC Age Lock Plugin!

  • BT Social Connect Free Version - component joomla


    BT Social Connect is a multi-task social networking tool for Joomla. This component helps turn your site into a social hub. Main features are social auto submission (including Facebook and Twitter), social log in and registration, and add-on social widgets. With friendly CPanel being equipped, you find easy to manage article statistics and message logs. Effortless social marketing gives effective outcome with BT Social Connect.

  • BT Social Login - module joomla


    BT Social Login is the module allows registration from social network Facebook, Twitter and Google by the easiest way. BT Social Login uses ajax login / registration and support K2, Jomsocial, CB & custom component...

  • BT Login Module - module joomla


    BT Login module is alternate Joomla! login module with special styles associated and can be placed at various position, while you can retain the standard login module in the default position. BT Login module is now available for J! 2.5 - 3.x.