Additions - Joomla Extensions

Additions - Joomla Extensions

Additions - ons for extensions joomla, that will enhance their standard functionality. Additional modules and plugins to the famous and powerful Joomla extensions like Virtuemart, K2, Sobi2, ZOO, JCE, Community Builder, JomSocial.

  • K2 Store - plugin joomla

    K2 Storejoomla_15joomla_17joomla_25ext_pluginruseng

    K2 Store - Free add to basket component K2. Key features: basket on Ajax, Integrated authentication IPN when paying via Paypal, automatic and manual payment via Paypal, display baskets only to registered users or guests of the site, view all orders through admin.panel Joomla, view payment through PayPal, and much more.

  • JComments for K2 - plugin joomla

    JComments for K2joomla_15joomla_17joomla_25ext_pluginruseng

    Plugin for Joomla! JComments for K2 K2 component which allows to maintain without unnecessary comments JComments "gestures."

  • JCE MediaBox - plugin joomla

    JCE MediaBoxjoomla_15joomla_17joomla_25joomla_25ext_plugineng

    JCE MediaBox is an optional plug-in for the component JCE editor that will easily add Lightbox effect for your site. In the plugin there is a choice of skins so the effect, as well as an option to create their themes output effect.
    Important! To install the plugin to use only its own installer Joomla.