Administration - Joomla Extensions

Administration - Joomla extension

Administration - Joomla extensions that help you administer your sites. Manage your site will become even easier with the given extensions. Updating extensions work with databases, work with the cache, collecting usage statistics, migration components, restricting access, improved navigation and more you will find in this section.

  • ZOOlanders - component joomla


    ZOOlanders is a free component that integrates our Framework and Extension Manager. After years of being a solid base for all Extensions features the heart of ZOOlanders will continue beating withing the ZOOlanders component. When delivering a fast release pace as we do it gets important to be up to date. With the manager checking out the installed version, updates and perform actions are just one click away. But do not worry, you can always fallback to the standart Joomla! manager.

  • RokUpdater - plugin joomla


    RokUpdater allows you to update the latest versions of your favorite RocketTheme club extensions from within your site's Joomla administrator without having to download the update directly from RocketTheme's site. It utilizes your club membership credentials in order to facilitate the download and installation of these updates.

  • JA Extensions Manager - component joomla


    JoomlArt is proud to introduce JA Extensions Manager, a brand new component for Joomla .The component aims to bring a new way to manage extensions: upgrade, rollback, remote install, internal repository and compare versions. Our development team promised to transform old extensions management into a new and modern one. The component has its roots in the Joomla Extensions Manager, but it comes with new features to speed up and ease the processes.

  • NoNumber Extension Manager - component joomla


    Component NoNumber Extension Manager helps you track updates of its own line of extensions NoNumber.

  • DB Replacer - joomla component


    DB Replacer - search and replace in the Joomla database. DB Replacer allows you to search and replace in any table in the database. It even supports case-sensitive search and using regular expressions. Sometimes you need to replace something in your articles. It takes a few hours to do it the conventional way: open article, the changes except for the article, open the following articles, etc. With DB Replacer .. it takes a few seconds. DB Replacer allows you to preview what is going to be replaced, so you know what you're doing before you replace it.