Calendars - Joomla Extensions

Calendars - Joomla Extensions

Calendars - calendar component for joomla, so that your visitors are always aware of your events. Create a calendar and mark upcoming events even easier.

  • Amazing Event Calendar - module joomla


    This is a modern event calendar, one of the best ways to display events in your site. There are 2 skins available, comes with four different fonts and you can have different color for each event day. This calendar is very flexible and not too difficult to configure.

  • Magic Events Calendar - module joomla


    Have you ever had a special day or a special event marked in your home calendar? I belive we all had at least one, but now it's not just your special day, you can share it with your friends, you can add pictures and write a thought, to show them why is that day so special to you, and now you can do all that with the simplest ever online calendar. Use Magic Events Calendar starting today and share those magic moments with all your friends.

  • JTAG Calendar - component joomla


    JTAG Calendar is THE events calendar for Joomla. It can be used to schedule events for your Joomla website.

  • BJ Events Calendar - joomla module


    BJ Events Calendar is a beautiful and modern calendar that support two events for each day (EventDay). For each event you can set the color, add a photo, add a URL link, with / without tool tips and choose one of 250 embedded vector icons.

  • BJ Calendar with ToolTips - joomla module


    BJ Calendar with ToolTips - beautiful calendar module for Joomla. This module is compatible with all browsers and supports special characters.