Catalogues - Joomla Extensions

Catalogues - Joomla Extensions

Catalogues - directory components for joomla. Creating quality directory on any subject joomla made ​​possible with the help of powerful extensions to the famous studios.

  • RSDirectory - component joomla


    RSDirectory! was developed after three real world applications - we got our inspiration from a Joomla! business directory, a popular car sales website & a classifieds directory. We've aimed to recreate these using our own extension and we're confident we can.

  • Sobi2 - joomla component


    SobiPro - creating and building a business directory for CMS Joomla + all extensions. Designed as a business directory SobiPro can be used for any kind of directory, whether it is products, product lists, club members and much more. During installation, creates SobiPro default several custom fields for a business directory. You can easily distribute them in any quantity, or create your own field. Or you can simply delete these standard fields and create your own fields in unlimited quantities.

  • DJ-Catalog2 - joomla component


    Dj-Catalog2 is universal and free component of the presentation of information in a directory. Among the features worth mentioning the creation of catalogs of different types (catalog...), ease of adding and editing materials, the addition of different types of files (except images can be attached and .zip .rar. Txt and so forth.) This version of the component is completely new code and (the author's words component) with no errors.