Display content - Joomla Extensions

Display content - Joomla Extensions

Display content - extension joomla, allow you to display your content in a more convenient form. Few places on the site, want to effectively apply the material, then this extension is for you.

  • S5 Vertical Accordion - joomla module


    S5 Vertical Accordion - vertical accordion module for Joomla. Module feature is that you can place any information is using an arbitrary HTML. Automatic and manual opening, adjustable width and height of the tabs, and the speed of opening tabs.

  • S5 Tab Show - joomla module


    S5 Tab Show - is a great way to organize your website content and free up additional space on it. In the module, you can place multiple tabs, such as advertising, authorization, contacts, etc. It also adds 20 additional positions for modules on your site.

  • S5 Frontpage Display - joomla module


    S5 Frontpage Display - output module material in the form of slides, developed in the studio Shape5. Module Joomla S5 Frontpage Display allows you to display one main unit and from 2 to 8 small blocks of material output. Has many options for installing size as the main unit, and additional time and change the order of slides, creating links in blocks, implementing its own HTML-code for the base unit, and much more...

  • IceScroller - joomla module


    IceScroller - module running line. IceScroller Joomla module to display the title of the article vvide endangered or scrolling headers, so that your visitors can partially see and read them. When they roll your cursor over the title of the article and see the description of the article will be transferred to reading more details.

  • IceCarousel - joomla module


    IceCarousel - output module of articles or goods with the effect of the carousel for your Joomla site, which has a flexible configuration and does not slow down your site. This module is working on to Ajax, is fully compatible with the component JoomShopping, that allows you to display with the module IceCarousel not only articles and materials, but also goods that turns it into a kind of showcase your goods. Easy to install and configure, has several themes.