Says the creator of the component, DJ Image Slider gives you the opportunity to make and display slideshows with titles, and a small description with links. The main convenience of this component is that downloading images using the component and defining them in a single group, you can do a variety of options for the slide show of images available.


  • You can make a category for the slide show.
  • You can connect it to any menu items or any other link.
  • You can add a description that will be superimposed on the image (can be switched off to install the module settings).
  • Easy upload of images
  • You can choose if the module will work with the component dj-imageslider or offline (picture folder).
  • Select the type of display the slider (horizontal, vertical).
  • Specify a category of images that will be shown.
  • Specify the settings for the module: display / hide the title.
  • Show / hide description.
  • Show / hide the information.
  • Enable / disable the link title.
  • Enable / disable link description.
  • Start / stop publication.

Name: DJ-ImageSlider

Studio: DJ Extensions

Version: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x - 2.2.3


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