Editing - Joomla Extensions

Editing - Joomla Extensions

Edit - code editors for joomla, that will allow you to easily edit content for your website. Huge set of functional tools that can at times make your life easier when editing content.

  • Texts - plugin joomla


    ZOOlanders Texts element adds the missing features you need for your Joomla ZOO app. The Text and Textarea elements of ZOO are one of the basic tools to allow you to build functional types. However, the features of the basic Text elements can limit the functionality of your item. Our Texts element for ZOO solves those limitations. This ZL element product has two unique elements - Text Pro and Textarea Pro. Both of these expand upon their original ZOO element. Both have several ways of controlling the input and output (layout and rendering) of your text.

  • Add to Menu - joomla module


    Add to Menu module development team updated NoNumber. This extension adds to the administrative panel of Joomla, in the upper part, a button that opens a form to add a menu item with reference to the edited material. This version adds support for component materials redShop and expanded capabilities of the module.

  • Snippets - joomla component


    Developers team released a new version of NoNumber component Snippets, designed to insert notes into finished materials. Feature of these notes that a special tag will be displayed only when editing and displaying material to the user, instead it will be included in the full article. This extension will be convenient for use in materials of the same parts.

  • ReReplacer - joomla component


    With component ReReplacer You can replace something that does not want to see on the site. You have a possibility to replace anything, whether it's somebody's link or just a typo and that's not all, with ReReplacer You can remove most of the copyrights to third-party extensions. These features of this component for Joomla are not limited to just a couple of clicks, you can implement relink your pages on the site, massively change the meta tags.

  • RokPad - plugin joomla


    The latest updated version of the plugin content editor RokPad. The editor is designed primarily for people who know at least basic knowledge of html and need not be cumbersome with most editors are not relevant functions. RokPad has a nice interface and the ability to control the autosave materials, as well as syntax highlighting code. This version fixes minor bugs, as well as modified the normal operation of the component ZOO.