File archives - Joomla Extensions

File archives - Joomla Extensions

File archives - components for joomla, which allow you to create your site file archive. Powerful extensions to the popular developers will create a full file server with lots of features.

  • Download Pro - plugin joomla


    Now you can easily upload your files directly from your Joomla ZOO app's item edit page! With the ZOOlanders Download Pro element for ZOO you can make your download element truly professional. You can not only upload files directly, you can upload entire folders. You can also make the element repeatable (to upload multiple individual files). You can even allow your files to be readed from an Amazon S3 bucket. And the best part is that you can easily use this element, with the expanded functionality, with your ZOO submit layout to give end users the same uploading flexibility.

  • Attachments - joomla component


    Updated free Joomla component - Attachments . It is designed to attach to items and fast downloading files to your website. The extension has a variety of settings to control access and opportunities jumps files for different user groups and more. Just in the component files are present Russian localization.

  • Remository - joomla component


    ReMOSitory - powerful component file archive for web-sites on Joomla 1.5. At present a whole lot of expansion options. With this component you can easily cope with a huge number of files on your site. In the archives of all modules and plug-ins for it. Fixed Russification.

  • Docman - joomla component


    An updated version of the component DOCman for registration file storage on CMS Joomla. In this version, you can create an unlimited number of categories, create additional categories of users that will be available to download. Among other things DOCman allows you to create and establish personal themes (templates), displaying detailed statistics, and select Storage (local or remote), and more.