GavickPro - Joomla Extensions

GavickPro - Joomla Extensions

Assembling the most popular and well-known extensions for Joomla from the development team GavickPro . Most necessary components, modules and plugins for joomla 3, 2.5, 1.5 the latest version.


A new version completely free module to display news online from the studio GavickPro - News Show Pro GK5. In the new version, according to the developers, there is support for component K2, the code that generates the module was much cleaner, complete and easily customizable news output with display avatar, commented, additonal links, etc.


Weather GK4 - This module allows you to display the weather forecast anywhere in the world. Weather is displayed as text and images of the two sources of information: Google Weather and Yahoo! Weather. Thanks to the customization options, you can customize the appearance of the module, customizing it to your preferences, or using standard images from Google or Yahoo. If you want to bring more of the same modules - enough to change the id of the module and display as many modules with the weather, as you need. The module shows the following data: weather forecast for today and the next 4 days, the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit (customizable), wind speed, precipitation, etc.


Stock GK4 - an updated version of the module, providing the site users the most professional and interesting information on the current share price and currency on world markets. The module uses the Google Finance API, which in turn allows you to display relevant information to the stock market. Module settings allow you to display the last saved data if Google's service is not available and it is possible to add hints to display data. The new version of the module added two methods of downloading data - CURL (if the extension is installed on the server) or function file_get_contents (if server configuration allows you to load external files).