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Build great extensions for joomla developers to see HotJoomla . Quality Joomla extension will undoubtedly help you to create any site or e and complexity.


This is the premium version of our free Hot Image Slider module and it's developed exclusively for HotThemes club members and as a supporting tool for our premium Joomla templates. It includes all features well-known from our free Hot Image Slider and many additional features that makes this module better than ever! This module is usable together with all contemporary responsive templates, as this module has responsive features as well in the PRO version.


We are witnesses of the flood of responsive web sites. Those sites are made to be useful on all kind of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. It's not enough to have only a template that's responsible. If you are about to use modules on the responsive website, those modules should be responsive as well. Hot Film Tape is responsive Joomla module because it supports the responsive websites. This module automatically resizes itself in order to fit the available screen space as good as possible.


Hot Full Carousel has full in its name for two reasons. The first, regardless if you have 3 or 20 slides, it rotates in the same direction all the time, just like a real carousel. The second reason are its responsive features. This is responsive carousel with responsive behavior (if used with responsive template). Actually, this module can have fixed width, but can also occupy the full width of the screen. This behaviour is maintained on both large monitor screens, tablets and smartphones. Of course, to make it happen, you must publish the module in module position that spans the entire width of the screen. Check your template about this.


Hot Flashes Menu combines slideshow of images with Joomla menu. It's hard to believe that living animations like this are possible only with HTML, CSS and JavaScript today. We named it Flashes (although it's not based on Adobe Flash) because it looks like Flash based animation. Remember, you do not need a Flash plugin to run it. This module works fine on devices that does not support Flash (such as iPhone or iPad).


Hot Zoomer is Joomla module from Hot Joomla Templates that makes slide show of selected images using famous Ken Burns effect that allows to zoom in and zoom out details of each image. As in any other slide show module, we have duration of each slide set in parameters. However, during that time, image is not displayed statically on the screen. Instead, it zooms in or zooms out all the time. In module parameters, you can graphically select which part of image will be shown on start and which part of image will be shown on end.