Joomla 2.5 Extensions

Joomla 2.5 Extensions

Extensions Joomla 2.5 - the most popular extensions for Joomla 2.5. Components, modules, plugins to the latest versions of joomla 2.5. The assembly includes the most necessary extensions for Joomla are simply irreplaceable when creating a site of any complexity and subjects.

  • TZ Flexi - joomla template


    TZ Flexi - great for creativity template from the studio Templaza. Stylish design of this multifunctional template will allow them to use any business and will do to create a website on any subject and any difficulty. Supported MooTools 1.2 and 1.6 JQuery, CSS3, improved SEO code that speeds up the portfolio, is compatible with K2 Extra Group, and also has a brand extension: Nivo slider, Carousel slider, Accordion slider and Piecemaker 3D slider. Template works on many browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE9, Safari, and Opera.

  • Sourcerer - plugin joomla


    Sourcerer allows you to place any of your code (PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript), not only in articles, but also in modules, sections, categories, components, meta tags, etc. Suffice it to HTML-editor Joomla insert your code in the special tags. Provided as a button in the editor for easy insertion of tags plugin Sourcerer.

  • S5 MP3 Player - plugin joomla


    S5 MP3 Player - New cool MP3 player plugin. The plugin allows you to insert an article in Joomla! player with audio recording. The plugin supports both manual start an audio track and in automatic mode (when the user opened the article). Player plugin allows users to adjust the volume and listening to upload a file to your computer. It is also possible to edit the appearance of the display of the player. This plugin has been specially made for the new template S5 Touch of Soul.

  • Modules Anywhere - plugin joomla


    Developers team released a new version of NoNumber Plugin Modules Anywhere, allowing the module position to publish anywhere, whether in the third-party components or other materials. This plugin has several options, one of which is to set the level of access to published modules. In the released version corrected a few mistakes.

  • S5 Reservations - joomla module


    S5 Reservations - decent new module for joomla booking from studio Shape5. Module shows material from any category Joomla, has its own system Captcha, an additional check on the characters in each field, built-in calendar to select a date and more. The module can be used for various purposes of redundancy.