Kernel improvements - Joomla Extensions

Kernel improvements - Joomla Extensions

Kernel improvements - extension joomla, allowing to improve, upgrade and accelerate your joomla. Unleash your joomla site is 100%.

  • TZ Migrate Joomfish - component joomla


    As you know JoomFish is an extension for Joomla which allows you to create a multi language. This extension is a facility that gives you the chance to build Multilanguage website by using only one installation of Joomla. However, you are using this extension with Joomla 1.5. You are looking for another extension which can help you migrate content in Joomfish to work well with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Do not worry about this. Let come with us.

  • RokBooster - plugin joomla


    RokBooster - joomla plugin from RocketTheme to increase the speed of the site. This plug-in combines and compresses the CSS and JavaScript in a separate file, which helps to significantly reduce the number of HTTP requests brauzera.Vashi pages will load faster, with less stress on the server.

  • S5 CSS and JS Compressor - plugin joomla


    S5 CSS and JS Compressor - Плагин для компрессии CSS и JS файлов, создает кеш файлов и за счет этого страницы сайта начинают быстрее грузиться.