Miscellaneous - Joomla Extensions

Miscellaneous - Joomla Extensions

Miscellaneous - a variety of different extensions for joomla, which easily enhance the functionality of your site. Huge set of effective tools for your joomla website.

  • VTEM Panorama - joomla module


    VTEM Panorama - module for joomla, allowing a minimal cost to create a surround effect, the panoramic view. Operation of the module is simple and effective. When you move the mouse cursor over the image, replaced by images that are preloaded in your module folder, creates a surround effect, the panoramic view.

  • S5 Domain Checker - joomla module


    S5 Domain Check - This free joomla module is a great way for your visitors to check if the domain name is available. Just install the module and publish it to any position.

  • TinyLetter Subscribe - joomla module


    TinyLetter Subscribe is a simple and free newsletter service MailChimp. Sign up for a free account and start sending spam in a few minutes.