Advanced Module Manager module from NoNumber. Changes the way the editing module parameters in the admin joomla. Now open your module in a convenient pop-up window allows you to customize the display module on all pages, except for certain menu items (as opposed to the usual functional), to see what modules are active for each menu item, as well as many other useful settings that are not available in the normal editing module parameters, including the ability to restrict the output modules:

  • URL
  • Category K2, FLEXIContent, ZOO
  • Date
  • season
  • category / section
  • menu item
  • Article
  • group to which the visitor
  • specific registered visitors
  • current component
  • active language
  • active site template
  • arbitrary PHP-expression (eg restriction on IP)

Title: Advanced Module Manager

Studio: nonumber

Version: Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x - 4.14.1

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