Search - Joomla Extensions

Search - Joomla Extensions

Search the site - these extensions for joomla, allow the site to arrange a convenient search for your visitors. Now find your material has become even easier and faster using these extensions.

  • RokAjaxSearch - joomla module


    An updated version of the functional Ajax Search Module RokAjaxSearch. The new version fixes a bug in the search results MooTools 1.2 and in the pages of com_content.

  • JA K2 Filter and Search - joomla module


    JA K2 Filter and Search - Very powerful search module, which provides the ability to search and filter for the well-proven component K2. Operation of this module is based on the additional field parameters. This extension comes with one module and two plugins that are used to customize the output expanded search. In the settings there is an extensive range of plug-in filter settings and the search for additional fields for the component K2.