Search - Joomla Extensions

Search - Joomla Extensions

Search the site - these extensions for joomla, allow the site to arrange a convenient search for your visitors. Now find your material has become even easier and faster using these extensions.

  • SP Virtuemart Ajax Search - module joomla


    SP Virtuemart Ajax Search is a free but powerful ajax search module for Joomla to display Virtuemart product search result. The objective of this module is to display suggestions of products from the selected category while typing in the search bar and then direct you to the product details page.

  • BT Smart Search - module joomla


    BT Smart Search - Responsive Joomla search module, provides multi-criteria searches through all your website contents, when all finder-type plugins have been activated and data have been indexed...

  • YJ K2 Filter - joomla module


    YJ K2 Filter - module and search plugin that provides the ability to search and filter for K2 component on your Joomla site.

  • S5 Live Search - joomla module


    S5 Live Search - search module on the site for joomla. Uses the same class names as the default search module Joomla and will work anywhere in the Joomla site using the default search.

  • YJ Live Search - joomla module


    Bump Bump and bump some more! How many times have you wished to have extensions that can let your users vote for articles. Stop your search and get your own Youbumpit module. It has everything you need to spice up your stories and website.