Translation and languages ​​- Joomla Extensions

Translation and languages ​​- Joomla Extensions

Translation and languages ​​- ons for joomla, that will organize your site multilingual. Translate this site into another language it's even easier with the help of the given extensions.

  • ZOOlingual - plugin joomla


    ZOOlingual makes your Joomla ZOO app multi-lingual without adding additional complex language management. If you love ZOO but miss the multi-lingual functionality of Joomla .. now you have one more reason to love ZOOlanders. ZOOlingual allows you to translate your zoo contents into multiple languages ​​- with an easy-to-use, ZOO interface. Instead of using JoomFish the ZOOlingual extension allows you to add multiple elements right in the ZOO configuration area - all without loosing JoomFish, Falang or Joomla! native switcher compatibility.Compatible with any Extension rendering ZOO items with it's API, as WidgetKit, ZOOfilter, ZOOitem Pro, etc.

  • JA Multilingual - component joomla


    Setting up a Joomla multilingual site is now very easy plus it is quick (just 5 steps) and free with JA Multilingual Component. We promise you the easy translation process involved: no frustration and no coding involved. The component helps to auto translate the whole Joomla site for multiple languages ​​on the fly. You can choose from Bing Translator or Google Translate services.

  • Joomfish - joomla component


    JoomFish is a component for Joomla! allows you to create and manage content manually translatable your database Joomla!.