VTEM - Joomla Extensions

VTEM - Joomla Extensions

Lots of new extensions for Joomla from a little-known development studio VTEM . Huge number of quality and fresh extensions for joomla, can extend the functionality of any site.


Creating Peel Back Ads for your joomla site is very easy. Most of these effects are developed in Flash, but in this case simply use the jQuery library.


It effect on images when you take mouse over the images, it really good style effect of jquery mouse over. It makes for a pretty slick effect which could be used on thumbnails. Its cool effect can be used with logo or advertisement banner.


VTEM Popeye is an advanced image gallery script built on the JavaScript library jQuery. Use it to save space when displaying a collection of images and offer your users a nice and elegant way to show a big version of your images without leaving the page flow. Though the script is quick and easy to setup.


VTEM Tabs - a great solution from the design studio Vtem, allowing to implement mapping component materials of the standard com_content component and K2 in the form of tabs. Module settings allow you to display the content on the site with different effects, all available 5 built-in styles and over 25 animation effects. This module is able to make any site more attractive and user-friendly.


VTEM Tooltip plugin is designed to add to the text and images of tooltips. Also prompts can be created almost anywhere in the site. Windows tooltips have different styling tips and ways of opening. It works on the jQuery library and is compatible with browsers IE.