VTEM - Joomla Extensions

VTEM - Joomla Extensions

Lots of new extensions for Joomla from a little-known development studio VTEM . Huge number of quality and fresh extensions for joomla, can extend the functionality of any site.


VTEM Shutter - beautiful slideshow module for Joomla from the studio VTEM. The module is compatible with all browsers.


VTEM Fancy Menu - side pop up menu for Joomla built on JQuery from studio Vtem. Sidebar, which can be positioned on the left or right side of the window. Smoothly displays a submenu when you hover the mouse pointer. Specify the module, the menu Joomla, you want to use. In the settings you specify the text color, background color.


VTEM Panorama - module for joomla, allowing a minimal cost to create a surround effect, the panoramic view. Operation of the module is simple and effective. When you move the mouse cursor over the image, replaced by images that are preloaded in your module folder, creates a surround effect, the panoramic view.


VTEM Login - authentication module for your Joomla site. This module runs on jQuery and has a lot of settings to the size of the background image. Therefore we can say that the module will fit well in any Joomla site and in any template.


VTEM DrillDown Menu - menu module for joomla, allowing you to quickly create a nested hierarchy with 3 or more levels. The module has 10 preset styles and the ability to ask the most colors, 2 types of menus, the navigation chain and a reset button at the bottom of the menu. The module supports the component K2.