VTEM - Joomla Extensions

VTEM - Joomla Extensions

Lots of new extensions for Joomla from a little-known development studio VTEM . Huge number of quality and fresh extensions for joomla, can extend the functionality of any site.


VTEM MP3 - simple but beautiful mp3 player module for your joomla site from the studio VTEM.


VT Virtuemart PowerPlay - super module display products for Virtuemart. The module is compatible with all browsers.


VTEM FlyBox - beautiful joomla module for larger image of the studio VTEM. The module is compatible with all browsers.


VTEM SlideNote - module to display notifications to the effect of slip on your site or web application. VTEM SlideNote can be very useful when you publish any advertisements, offers, updates, etc. Works when you scroll down the page.


VTEM Skitter - beautiful slideshow module for Joomla. The module is compatible with all popular browsers.