VTEM - Joomla Extensions

VTEM - Joomla Extensions

Lots of new extensions for Joomla from a little-known development studio VTEM . Huge number of quality and fresh extensions for joomla, can extend the functionality of any site.


VTEM Sweet Menu - module joomla, which is designed to display a single-level menu, which can be attached to any edge of the browser window. Settings allow you to change the background color, the size of the visible and the sliding track, the animation speed and transparency.


VT Fisheye Menu - well, just super-duper menu module for Joomla. The module is compatible with all browsers.


VTEM Accordion Menu - module allows you to display the menu items or categories of Joomla component K2 with accordion effect from the studio VTEM. The module operates on JavaScript JQuery library and has no conflict with the mootools library or similar.


VTEM Image Stack - super slideshow module for Joomla. Module Developed by VTEM.


VTEM Banners - module-based library jQuery, which allows you to display banners with various beautiful transition effects and settings displays. The module has a compatibility with versions of Joomla 1.5-2.5-3.x, support SEF (NC) links, affordable and friendly settings panel, the ability to create an unlimited number of slides and modules on a page. The module is compatible with all popular browsers (Firefox, IE6 +, Opera 9.5+, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock 0.7+), is lightweight and easy control over the CSS module.