VTEM - Joomla Extensions

VTEM - Joomla Extensions

Lots of new extensions for Joomla from a little-known development studio VTEM . Huge number of quality and fresh extensions for joomla, can extend the functionality of any site.


VTEM Carousel - carousel joomla module to display categories of Joomla from the studio VTEM.


VTEM Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is an image gallery with slideshow.It provides many high-end features that will be described in detail throughout this document.


VTEM News Show - gorgeous display module news for Joomla. The module is compatible with all popular browsers.


VTEM Slideshow - joomla module for a spectacular display a slideshow from developer extensions Joomla VTEM. Compatible with all browsers.


VTEM News Boxs - free module to display news from a variety of effects on your site is running CMS Joomla. The module is present a sufficient number of settings, as well as 6 types of effects.