YooTheme - Joomla Extensions

YooTheme - Joomla Extensions

Very high quality extensions for Joomla from renowned developers YOOtheme . Making use of the extension data, they will make your website much more functional and efficient.


It has once again updated the popular and versatile set of extensions from the studio YooTheme. The composition of the new assembly includes 9 widget allows you to add a web resource bright gallery, map and integrate records from Twitter, play multimedia content. When creating this kit, developers have used all the latest technologies, such as semantic HTML markup, fully standards-compliant CSS and jQuery. Through visual and intuitive interface, it is now much easier to access the various elements of the widget and it will not take long. The creators have posted on its website detailed instructions on using this set, where all the details are described all available functions and features updated WidgetKit.


YOOtheme ZOO - Component for creating blogs, directories, databases, video files, directories and file management for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Powerful component to create custom content types, CCK (Content Construction Kit) - constructor content. Zoo offers a wide range of applications that will help you start right now to create your blog on Joomla or product catalog, as may be the directory of addresses, or a selection of your favorite video movies.