ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

A complete set of high performance extensions from the team of web developers ZOOLanders . If your site uses a well-known component of the ZOO, then this set of extensions is a must for additional functionality.


The ZOOlanders Date Pro element turns your Joomla ZOO app dates in to events. Dates are more than just a formatted string of numbers. Now, using the Date Pro element from ZOOlanders you can make your ZOO date elements represent the events that they are. You can make your dates include intervals, as well as controlling the way that the date displays - not just with standard PHP date formatting methods but also using powerful jQuery qTip tooltip display system. Using the included Until date field allows you to easily create Events.


Now you can easily upload your files directly from your Joomla ZOO app's item edit page! With the ZOOlanders Download Pro element for ZOO you can make your download element truly professional. You can not only upload files directly, you can upload entire folders. You can also make the element repeatable (to upload multiple individual files). You can even allow your files to be readed from an Amazon S3 bucket. And the best part is that you can easily use this element, with the expanded functionality, with your ZOO submit layout to give end users the same uploading flexibility.


Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have a complete events solution for Joomla - with the control of ZOO. Using the ZOOlanders Event app for ZOO allows you to have the control of ZOO with a complete events solution for Joomla. There are lots of calendar solutions available for Joomla! Until now there was none with the power of the ZOO. The ZOOlanders Events App for ZOO allows you to build a complete event management system using the familiar and powerful ZOO interface.


The ZOOlanders Google Maps Pro element takes map elements for ZOO to the next level! With this element you can have precise control over every aspect of your map. Providing you with default zoom level, map size (width / height), and even the default center for the map will speed the entry of data into your ZOO app (very helpful when using end-user submission forms for locations). This element is a powerful part of our ZOO Events App which makes a full Joomla ZOO-based events solution possible.


Image Pro is a completely new way of creating dynamic and powerful image sets in Joomla ZOO apps - making it easy for users to enter images. With the ZOO Image Pro element you can create anything from easy-entry for single image display to complete, large galleries - and you can do that all with just a few clicks. You can easily add amazing slide and scrolling effects to your images, completely integrated with YOOtheme WidgetKit.