ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

A complete set of high performance extensions from the team of web developers ZOOLanders . If your site uses a well-known component of the ZOO, then this set of extensions is a must for additional functionality.


ZOOaccess is a powerful extension to ZOO that allows you use the Joomla ACL to its fullest in your ZOO Elements. Native ZOO element functionality only allows you to assign elements to a User View access once and for all. If you want to control access to a single element in multiple ways (different for the submit form than a layout) you can not do it with standard ZOO. That limitation is now gone - in a big way. Now you can control access based upon User View access as well as User Group levels. You can also control access based upon where the element appears.


ZOOaksubs ads the control of the Akeeba Subscriptions system to your Joomla ZOO app - at the element level. Do you need to limit access to your ZOO content to only those who have paid a subscription? With ZOOaksubs you can integrate ZOO with the great Akeeba Subscriptions system from Akeeba Backup. You can control access to individual elements based on subscription levels - show a specific element (like a download element) only to those who have paid for the subscription.


ZOOcart is our most advanced Extension developed to fullfill one of the most awaited ZOO features, the checkout. It's a complete ecommerce Extension developed from scratch for ZOO. With ZOOcart you will be able to transform any ZOO application into a complete ecommerce. Your users will be able to buy your items, and you'll be able to manage your orders from you zoo backend, all in one place.


ZOOcompare gives your users the ability to compare your Joomla ZOO app items site-by-side. Make your ZOO catalog professional, give your users the ability to compare different items of the same type between each other with a simple AJAX-driven interface! With the ZOOlanders ZOOcompare extension you can decide beforehand which fields will be compared - using the standard ZOO layouts - then let ZOOcompare do the rest! ZOOcompare also includes JavaScript ordering of the elements, giving the users even more power!


Give your Joomla ZOO app users advanced searches and filtering based on any data that is an element's values ​​with ZOOfilter. You determine the elements that your users will be able to include in the search and you can control how the results are rendered - all using standard ZOO extension layouts. You are not limited to the number of filter elements that you include, even core elements. And you can also search with ranges!