ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

A complete set of high performance extensions from the team of web developers ZOOLanders . If your site uses a well-known component of the ZOO, then this set of extensions is a must for additional functionality.


Imagine a Module that will allow you to make an advanced Filter, set the correct Order, choose or create a custom Layout and render your items! Stop imaging and start using it! Cross App / Type filtering is possible! Filter the Items based on App / s, Category / ies, Type / s, Creation / Modification / Publication Dates, State, Elements Values ​​and of course offset / Limit the result. Cross App / Type ordering, order by Priority, Elements and Core Elements data and reverse or order randomly. Custom layout without updates issues. Use our default layouts or create your owns and render advanced designs.


ZOOlanders is a free component that integrates our Framework and Extension Manager. After years of being a solid base for all Extensions features the heart of ZOOlanders will continue beating withing the ZOOlanders component. When delivering a fast release pace as we do it gets important to be up to date. With the manager checking out the installed version, updates and perform actions are just one click away. But do not worry, you can always fallback to the standart Joomla! manager.


ZOOlingual makes your Joomla ZOO app multi-lingual without adding additional complex language management. If you love ZOO but miss the multi-lingual functionality of Joomla .. now you have one more reason to love ZOOlanders. ZOOlingual allows you to translate your zoo contents into multiple languages ​​- with an easy-to-use, ZOO interface. Instead of using JoomFish the ZOOlingual extension allows you to add multiple elements right in the ZOO configuration area - all without loosing JoomFish, Falang or Joomla! native switcher compatibility.Compatible with any Extension rendering ZOO items with it's API, as WidgetKit, ZOOfilter, ZOOitem Pro, etc.


ZOOmailing takes your Joomla ZOO app and AcyMailing and gives you the most powerful way to get your ZOO content to users by email. To give you the best email integration with ZOO possible we have created a ZOO AcyMailing extension. AcyMailing provides one of the most powerful mailing solutions for Joomla. When combined with the power of ZOO (and a few ZOOlanders pro elements) you can create an amazing email contact or marketing solution for your web site.


ZOOorder allows you to sort your Joomla ZOO items based on any element of your item's type. Add this ZOOlanders extension to your ZOO app and allow your users to choose if they want to order by name, release date, price, category or ANY element within your app type. You can use core elements or any custom element that can be added to a layout. All the configuration is easily done within the ZOO extension layouts area making it a simple addition to your existing ZOO app.