ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

A complete set of high performance extensions from the team of web developers ZOOLanders . If your site uses a well-known component of the ZOO, then this set of extensions is a must for additional functionality.


ZOOport is an advanced tool for export / importing your ZOO data with two main advantages; custom elements support and step by step. The custom element support will allow you to import from a CSV source into any element, being that a ZOO, ZL or a custom one. The Step by Step feature allows you to import large files, as big as you need, without memory or timeouts errors. The JSON compatibility has been improved with a home made PHP JSON parser library allowing to overcome any current or future limitation.With ZOOport the ZOO import / export limitations are over and you can start migrating your big data sites, today!


With ZOOseo you can improve the ranking of your website based on ZOO with just a couple of clicks! When you install (and enable) this plugin, your URLs will be magically improved, removing the unwanted parts of it, like the infamous / item and / category segments. And that's not all! Tired of manually settings all the various metadata for each category and item? Would like to have a default content, and then improve it when necessary?


ZOOtools is an Extension which will improve many ZOO features and it's FREE! The included Separator Element will allows you to separate in Sections your Admin Elements for better organization and managment. It's folding feature will make much easier to reach and edit any Element. The Static Content Element will allow you to render not just static text but Item Layout, Links and other content directly on your Positions. It's possibilities are endless!


This Extension will allow you to track and be aware of very useful ZOO actions. It will track users visited Items, the current Item / Category allowing advanced integrations with other Extensions. For example it could be integrated with ZOOfilter to limit the filtering on the current Category. Or it could be used by ZOOitem Pro to render the content of the Current Item, allowing you to display ZOO data outside ZOO content. Feel free to ask more about this cool new possibilities to our Support :)