ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

ZOOLanders - Joomla Extensions

A complete set of high performance extensions from the team of web developers ZOOLanders . If your site uses a well-known component of the ZOO, then this set of extensions is a must for additional functionality.


The Link Pro ZOO element turns links into more than just a place to click in your Joomla ZOO app. Now you can customize each link with several different options - from the basic link, text, and title, to setting the Rel tag. But the power comes in the layout options. Link Pro gives you extensive control on how your links are rendered - from defining default link / text / title; to cleaning link text using regex; to even displaying your links using WidgetKit. If you need to display a ZOO link in any way but the standard link - this is the element to solve your needs - and more.


Media Pro is based on the ZOO Media Element expanding it's features with repeatable instances, multiple players, playlist, custom layouts, Amazon / CloudFront integrations and much more! Choose the Player that suits your project, JWPlayer, JPlayer, MediaElement or even add custom ones.Integrate with Amazon CloudFront and get a low-price media streaming platform managed from your ZOO backend. Show your media as individuals, as playlist or create your own layouts!


If you need to build a Joomla ZOO app with related categories that work cross-app, this ZOOlanders element will provide you with the solution for your needs - and more! When you build a ZOO app with the standard Related Categories element you are limited to linking within the same app. This Pro ZOO element allows you to render items from categories in different apps. It also allows you to set the root category level for the related category selection.


Related Items Pro adds cross-app relations, bi-direction relations, and more to your Joomla ZOO app. ZOO Item Relations are very important - giving you the possibility for great organization and great a great user experience IF they are cross-app featured. ZOO standard related items limit you to one app - but with the ZOOlanders Related Items Pro element you no longer have that limitation - AND you have MANY more features as well - including bi-direction relations that allow you to relate between two items.


ZOOlanders Texts element adds the missing features you need for your Joomla ZOO app. The Text and Textarea elements of ZOO are one of the basic tools to allow you to build functional types. However, the features of the basic Text elements can limit the functionality of your item. Our Texts element for ZOO solves those limitations. This ZL element product has two unique elements - Text Pro and Textarea Pro. Both of these expand upon their original ZOO element. Both have several ways of controlling the input and output (layout and rendering) of your text.