Version: 2.3.0

Xmap - very popular free website generator cards for Joomla!. The new version fixes a number of errors, the feature set has expanded the list of additions supplemented with 4 brand new. Only their final distribution - thirty. Of the number of new opportunities " Xmap "- work with images and page breaks. Creator directs attention to the fact it actually inhibits the component. In this version of the component is installed the following plugins: "Joomla's Web", "Links component", "CMS Shop Builder", "AcyMailing", and "Jmovies". Contributions latest version preceded substantial work on errors. Interruptions were eliminated, hitherto manifested in interaction with those extensions as "SOBI2", "MyBlog", "XmapLink Plugin", "JDownloads", "JoomGallery". Was among other things eliminated oversight arising from the processing of certain alias menu items. Generally the developer as always pleases us the fruits of their labor invaluable ...

Example of a site map Xmap 1.2.7

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