Joomla Components

Joomla components

Joomla Components - extensions cms joomla, can increase the functionality of the standard joomla. Components for joomla is the primary and inalienable supplement for cms joomla. Thanks to components, you can create professional large portals cms joomla, that will surprise any user and expand the functionality of your joomla website. With joomla components can be created, for example, the site catalog, functional blog, a powerful online store, file storage and more. All components for cms joomla offer greater versatility most cms joomla, which was originally in it.

  • WidgetKit - joomla component


    It has once again updated the popular and versatile set of extensions from the studio YooTheme. The composition of the new assembly includes 9 widget allows you to add a web resource bright gallery, map and integrate records from Twitter, play multimedia content. When creating this kit, developers have used all the latest technologies, such as semantic HTML markup, fully standards-compliant CSS and jQuery. Through visual and intuitive interface, it is now much easier to access the various elements of the widget and it will not take long. The creators have posted on its website detailed instructions on using this set, where all the details are described all available functions and features updated WidgetKit.

  • NoNumber Extension Manager - component joomla


    Component NoNumber Extension Manager helps you track updates of its own line of extensions NoNumber.

  • DB Replacer - joomla component


    DB Replacer - search and replace in the Joomla database. DB Replacer allows you to search and replace in any table in the database. It even supports case-sensitive search and using regular expressions. Sometimes you need to replace something in your articles. It takes a few hours to do it the conventional way: open article, the changes except for the article, open the following articles, etc. With DB Replacer .. it takes a few seconds. DB Replacer allows you to preview what is going to be replaced, so you know what you're doing before you replace it.

  • ReReplacer - joomla component


    With component ReReplacer You can replace something that does not want to see on the site. You have a possibility to replace anything, whether it's somebody's link or just a typo and that's not all, with ReReplacer You can remove most of the copyrights to third-party extensions. These features of this component for Joomla are not limited to just a couple of clicks, you can implement relink your pages on the site, massively change the meta tags.

  • JA K2 Filter and Search - joomla module


    JA K2 Filter and Search - Very powerful search module, which provides the ability to search and filter for the well-proven component K2. Operation of this module is based on the additional field parameters. This extension comes with one module and two plugins that are used to customize the output expanded search. In the settings there is an extensive range of plug-in filter settings and the search for additional fields for the component K2.