Joomla Components

Joomla components

Joomla Components - extensions cms joomla, can increase the functionality of the standard joomla. Components for joomla is the primary and inalienable supplement for cms joomla. Thanks to components, you can create professional large portals cms joomla, that will surprise any user and expand the functionality of your joomla website. With joomla components can be created, for example, the site catalog, functional blog, a powerful online store, file storage and more. All components for cms joomla offer greater versatility most cms joomla, which was originally in it.

  • ZOO - joomla component


    YOOtheme ZOO - Component for creating blogs, directories, databases, video files, directories and file management for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Powerful component to create custom content types, CCK (Content Construction Kit) - constructor content. Zoo offers a wide range of applications that will help you start right now to create your blog on Joomla or product catalog, as may be the directory of addresses, or a selection of your favorite video movies.

  • GK Tabs - joomla component

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    Updated one of the best free ingredients to create tabs on a site that is running CMS Joomla. This version fixes a problem when saving and editing forms tab. A little bit about the component: GK Tabs is designed to display the content, modules, images, etc. style tabs without reloading the page. In addition, GK Tabs enables developers to create their own design concept, easy integration of unique styles CSS. Thus, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, GK Tabs will help you to make a step forward, for creating professional presentations and news tabs (modules) for high-quality visitors to your site.

  • DJ-Catalog2 - joomla component


    Dj-Catalog2 is universal and free component of the presentation of information in a directory. Among the features worth mentioning the creation of catalogs of different types (catalog...), ease of adding and editing materials, the addition of different types of files (except images can be attached and .zip .rar. Txt and so forth.) This version of the component is completely new code and (the author's words component) with no errors.