Joomla Modules

Joomla modules

Joomla Modules - add-ons that allow you to extend the functionality of the site in the form of additional units. They are an indispensable tool when creating the site. Joomla modules often come to our aid when the site a lot of information and it is necessary to arrange for a better perception of your website visitors. Modules help bring online the information we need in the right place in a convenient way. With the modules can be easily arranged on the site easy to navigate, the output of news, calendars, photo galleries, multimedia output, in the form and many others.

  • Social GK5 - joomla module


    Social GK5 combines the functions of FB GK4 and G + GK4 together with the new data source, namely: Twitter. Section FB allows you to submit multiple social plugins from the community Facebook. Social plugins let you see what your friends like, and their comments and express common interests on Internet sites. Section G +, on the other hand, allows you to display social icons and icons of the community Google+. Icons allow you to see which of the people liked your page Google+. Module Social GK5 allows you to display all available plugins from the social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

  • Metro Grid GK5 - joomla module


    With module Metro Grid GK5, you can implement data output in the form of a grid in order to save space on the basis of the table layout of the website and implement various types of content using plug-ins. It works by using the placement of elements in the optimum position depending on the settings. It provides a smooth effect and makes a slight movement of the elements. With built-in support module attachment opportunities for the implementation of this version is not limited. The module offers a horizontal and vertical grid layouts. Enables just a few clicks to create an attractive portfolio, news or gallery wall with photos and movies with the support of social networks, etc.

  • Magic News with Slider - module joomla


    Magic News with Slider is a great module to display your content in a beautiful way.The module comes with a nice disolve transition between news images. Perfect for showcasing news or image on your site. Based on the experiences we have gathered from previous news modules and through hard practice, finally we able to release a complete news showcase module.

  • GK Weather - joomla module


    Weather GK4 - This module allows you to display the weather forecast anywhere in the world. Weather is displayed as text and images of the two sources of information: Google Weather and Yahoo! Weather. Thanks to the customization options, you can customize the appearance of the module, customizing it to your preferences, or using standard images from Google or Yahoo. If you want to bring more of the same modules - enough to change the id of the module and display as many modules with the weather, as you need. The module shows the following data: weather forecast for today and the next 4 days, the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit (customizable), wind speed, precipitation, etc.