Joomla Plugins

Joomla Plugins

Joomla Plugins - universal-ons that extend the standard features cms Joomla. Most often plugins installed with components and modules, empowering them, as well as their compatibility with each other. With plug-ins, you can easily organize various effects with text (tooltips, tabs ...) and images (lightbox, reflection, spotlight, zoom, sliders ...). There are also plugins that will optimize and speed up your joomla website.

  • Tooltips - plugin joomla


    Developers team released NoNumder plugin tooltips Tooltips. To display a hint when the cursor is necessary to select a piece of text material in the special tags and specify the necessary settings. The tooltip can be displayed not only text, but also images (such as an enlarged version of it), and themselves tips can be used not only in material but also in modules and components.

  • Tabs - plugin joomla


    Tabs plugin allows you to add to the materials tab and tabs in the tab. Tabs appear without reloading page. The plugin can display Russian characters in the URL. Tabber plugin is installed in a standard way through the administrative control panel. After you install and enable the expansion, the editor will display a special button.

  • Modules Anywhere - plugin joomla


    Developers team released a new version of NoNumber Plugin Modules Anywhere, allowing the module position to publish anywhere, whether in the third-party components or other materials. This plugin has several options, one of which is to set the level of access to published modules. In the released version corrected a few mistakes.