Joomla Templates - a huge amount of high-quality templates for the latest version of joomla. The catalog has a large number of templates with different themes and designs for the latest versions of joomla (3.x - 2.5 - 1.7 - 1.5). All templates for joomla separated by categories, manufacturers and versions.
Currently directory contains - 2280 templates.

avtoBuild templates joomla automotive subjects. Bright beautiful joomla templates for your site.
adminkiBuild joomla templates designed for the administrative part of your site. Different styles and convenient navigation.
biznesJoomla templates business themes. Austere style and clean lines give solidity to your site.
blogsThese joomla templates suitable for blogs, article directories, blogs and more.
videoA selection of video templates joomla themes. Average suitable for cinematic sites.
edaSet of templates joomla restaurant business. Suitable for sites about food.
gamesJoomla templates play themes. If your site is linked to games, these templates for you.
int-magazinBit patterns for online stores joomla. And also for e-commerce sites.
zdorovieA selection of templates for joomla on health and beauty. Qualitative templates for joomla from popular studios.
mebelGood templates for joomla furniture theme. Pretty interesting templates for joomla to see web studios.
modaSet of templates for joomla on fashion. Excellent templates are ideal for modeling agencies.
audioA selection of templates joomla music theme. Love music, then these templates for you.
nedvizgimostJoomla templates for websites of real estate, as well as everything related to it.
portalJoomla templates for portal sites. Suitable for large news portals, etc.
portfolioIf you are going to create a beautiful portfolio site of your activities the data joomla templates for you.
rabotaA selection of templates joomla educational subjects. Also suitable for work sites subject.
svadbaJoomla templates a bit of wedding themes. Well suited for sites wedding agencies.
socialJoomla templates for social networking sites. Click here to create your community then you here.
sportBuild templates joomla sports subjects. Your site about sports? Then these patterns will suit you.
tematikaDecent themed templates joomla. Immediately allocate your site among others.
turizmA selection of templates joomla tourism subjects. Bright and warm templates to attract attention to you.
universalSet of generics for joomla. Suitable for sites with different themes.
photoA selection of templates joomla photo subjects. If you created a photo-site, then you need a template.
hostingJoomla templates for a little site hosting companies. Also will go to sites of different kinds of services.
raznueJoomla templates are not included in not one suitable template category.
BonusThemesTemplates joomla Bonusthemes - this new generation templates that will make your site more functional and attractive.
GavickProBuild quality templates for Joomla from the studio Gavickpro. Download all popular templates for joomla Gavickpro.
HotJoomlaGood selection of Joomla templates from the studio HotJoomla. Large selection of templates with different themes to suit your taste.
IceThemeFast and free download the latest templates for Joomla from the studio IceTheme. Large number of templates with different themes.
JoomlabambooOnly the best templates for Joomla from the studio Joomlabamboo. Build the most beautiful patterns from the company Joomlabamboo.
JoomlaJunkieGood templates for your joomla site from the studio Joomlajunkie. Download the latest innovations to keep up with the others.
Joomla-MonsterGood templates for your joomla site from a little-known studio Joomla-Monster. Quality layout templates, beautiful design.
JoomlartHuge number of templates for Joomla from the studio Joomlart. Templates Joomlart - this quality templates for your site.
JoomlaPlatesPopular Joomla templates from the studio JoomlaPlates. Many beautiful patterns with different themes and designs.
JoomlaPraiseLarge assembly templates Joomlapraise studio at your disposal. Treat your website beautiful pattern of Joomlapraise.
JoomlaXTCPretty interesting joomla templates from the studio Joomlaxtc, which will allocate your site from most other internet sites.
JoomShaperInteresting joomla templates from the studio JoomShaper, to accentuate your website and make it more attractive.
LeothemeProfessional templates for joomla from web studio LeoTheme. Nesting layouts at a high level, bright and colorful design.
OmegaThemeMost popular joomla templates from the studio OmegaTheme. Beautiful templates are ideal for your joomla site.
PureJoomlaElegant joomla templates from the studio PureJoomla. Serious design approach to shablonostroeniyu.
RocketThemeLarge collection of top-class joomla templates from a good studio Rockettheme. Your choice of many colorful and functional templates.
Shape5All joomla templates from the studio shape5. Your choice just quality patterns. Download the latest innovations studio shape5.
SmartaddonsReally high quality joomla templates from the studio Smartaddons. Templates with different themes and designs.
TemplatePlazzaMost interesting build templates for joomla from studio Templateplazza. The set of templates with different themes.
ThemeForestUnusual joomla templates from the studio ThemeForest. The combination of design and quality programming.
YooThemeTemplates from the studio Yootheme - is undoubtedly excellent templates Joomla. Elegant design plus high functionality.
YouJoomlaGood templates for Joomla from the famous studio Youjoomla. Thoughtful design plus quality layout - these are templates from Youjoomla.
VTEMBeautiful joomla templates for different versions of the studio VTEM. Serious development studio joomla templates.
ZooTemplateHigh-quality templates for joomla from studio ZooTemplate. Large selection of templates for different subjects.
differentExcellent joomla templates for different styles of studio Templaza. Set of high-quality templates to suit your taste.
differentLarge number of templates for joomla from studio ThemeXpert. Huge selection of different subjects joomla templates and designs.
differentProfessional joomla templates for your websites. The set of templates to choose from.
joomla-version-30New templates for the new joomla 3.0. Large selection of templates to suit all tastes for a new joomla 3.0.
joomla-version-25Templates and update templates joomla 2.5. The set of templates for any taste for a new joomla 2.5.
joomla-version-17Big collection of different themes templates are fully compatible with the release of joomla 1.7.
joomla-version-15The set of templates of different themes running joomla 1.5.