Joomla Templates 1.5

Joomla 1.5 Templates

Assembling the most popular joomla templates from various web studios for version Joomla 1.5. Patterns of different subjects and designs suitable if you decide to create a website on joomla 1.5.

  • JP Sportcars - joomla template


    JP Sportcars - quality and with all this modern product from Joomlaplates. The demo version of the product "sharpened" under the theme of cars, but a small change in design can easily make a template as a basis for creating the site in any other direction. Product design allows you to quickly download the pages of the project, popular modules in its composition Article Slider, Slideshow provide an excellent set of tools for product demonstrations. List of improvements: Slimbox (Lightbox) jQuery Superfish Menu (menu with visual effects), and ToolTip (tooltips).

  • JP LoftHouse - joomla template


    Joomlaplates -genialnye template designers offer a template JP Lofthouse , on the topic of furniture. It has a very convenient control panel that can edit all the visible parts of the site. It also gives access to configuration items, such as editing and adding a background image on the site, speaker placement papers setting the background color. When using this template, you can install three styles also have the ability to adjust the height and width of the news columns. If you work with this template, the page of the site will be loaded quickly, there is a wide range of tools that will help demonstrate the product, it works with all browsers.

  • JP Lifestyle - joomla template


    JP Lifestyle - template from Joomlaplates. Great for creating corporate websites small or medium-sized companies. The product has a user-friendly administration panel, and contains 5 styles set by the studio. Support of mobile gadgets. Qualitative layout, allows the project to load pages with decent speed. Implemented foldable modular design. The user can edit all the design elements. Rotation provides a convenient data module Article Slider.

  • JP Investment - joomla template


    JP Investment - simple business template from known developers Joomlaplates, supports all versions of Joomla, ideal for creating official websites of business entities (firms, companies, and so on. d.). This template has Suckerfish drop-down menu with the option to add multiple levels. In addition, the template contains a slider Artcle Mootools, which provides a stylish site content. Flexible control panel allows you to edit everything visible elements. You can configure the types of the columns, background image, background color, choose one of the three color styles, the width of the side columns, activate the built-in tools SlimBox.

  • JP Grafikdesign - joomla template


    JP Grafikdesign - Template Joomla, which provides an excellent solution for business. Design, great to create products from small design studios, portfolios, etc.. The product has a convenient setting panel, there are 4 different color schemes, as well as support for mobile agents. Qualitative layout, allows the project to load pages with decent speed. Realized excellent modular design template. The user can edit all of the available design elements. Rotation provides a convenient data module Article Slider.