Joomla Templates 1.5

Joomla 1.5 Templates

Assembling the most popular joomla templates from various web studios for version Joomla 1.5. Patterns of different subjects and designs suitable if you decide to create a website on joomla 1.5.

  • JP Bistro - joomla template


    JP Bistro - a great template Joomla, culinary topics submitted by developers Joomlaplates. It is suitable for creating websites designed for restaurants, cafes, eateries. Its settings allow to determine the required color scheme for the layout. Is produced by using the tools in template manager. There is a possibility of change in the pattern background color and menu links. For easy display images, the developers was added Rotator Module Slider. He is able to displays all the content on your web pages in a convenient way. This template has a high speed loading pages.

  • JP Travel - joomla template


    JP Travel - it's an interesting pattern from the studio Joomlaplates for Joomla 2.5x on the theme of leisure and tourism. Features of this wonderful template are complete versatility, powerful functionality, ease of setup, great design. JP Travel has a good optimization and proper display in all modern browsers. Present in the assembly of the modules in addition to the studio and Article Slider Slideshow.

  • JP Sport - joomla template


    JP Sport - is very flexible and easy template. Thanks to its convenient setting it can be used in any industry. It includes: background multi color, Slimbox and menus JQuery Superfish. This template has a folding modular construction and high speed of loading pages. Due to widespread Article Slider module has the flexibility to display materials on the resource.

  • JP Restaurant - template joomla


    JP Restaurant is an easy template to design studio Joomlaplates for resources with the theme of the restaurant. This template has instant download web pages, the module supports rotation of images, Slideshow and Suckerfishmenu. It can be set up quickly and significantly extend the functionality using modular folding system. Template made ​​in the form of three columns and supports proper display on mobile devices.

  • JP Real Estate - joomla template


    JP Real Estate - a new template, developed and released in autumn 2010 the popular studio Joomlaplates. Contained in this template soft shapes and colors, which are able to transmit the maximum content of the site users, as well as conservative, slim and elegant design. He has a good optimization, whereby the loading of your site will take a fraction of a second. Real Estate also has the correct display in all mobile devices and modern browsers. Designed for resources that are running Joomla 2.5x.