Joomla Templates 1.5

Joomla 1.5 Templates

Assembling the most popular joomla templates from various web studios for version Joomla 1.5. Patterns of different subjects and designs suitable if you decide to create a website on joomla 1.5.

  • JP Modern - joomla template


    JP Modern is a universal platform from design studio Joomlaplates for creating websites with any content. This template is made ​​in the form of three columns with the ability to display correctly on your mobile device. Integrated into the template following extensions: Mu Slimbox, MooMenu, MooSlider, provides excellent functionality. JP Modern has a modular flexible structure and a high download speed.

  • JP Model Agency 4 - template joomla


    JP Model Agency v4 - this sophisticated pattern from the studio of designers Joomlaplates with sophisticated themes. Convenient and flexible control panel allows you to engage in editing all visible elements of design layout. Possible settings are: activation of built-in tools and MooMenu SlimBox, setting the width of the side columns, setting one of the three color style, change background colors, setting a background image, change the type of the columns. This template has a fast download speeds and modular folding design. As part of the installation package contains common modules and Article Slider Slideshow, provide the user with a wide range of instruments.

  • JP Insurance - joomla template


    JP Insurance - this is an extremely flexible and clean template developers Joomlaplates using Slimbox and menu jQuery Superfish. It has easy and simple setup, and can be used to create any business resource. The modular design of optimal and high speed download sites provide a stylish appearance and popular studio modules and Article Slider Slideshow allow on the site effectively display information.

  • JP Holiday - template joomla


    JP Holiday - an original and stylish template for creating resources that provide a variety of travel services. After working for the layout design of sufficient quality, the possibility of setting up a fast template. It can be used in three different color style, there is a menu Slimbox and MooMenu, the ability to customize the background for the page. This template has a high download speed and provides a flexible modular design. Located in the distribution package module Article Slider, which is a significant set of tools for that would display images of materials resources.

  • JP Games - joomla template


    JP Games is a professional template designed by studio Joomlaplates. It has a modular and flexible design of high-speed downloads. Predominate in the design layout black and gray tones and three column structure. He is perfect for creating a resource with any theme. The very name of the template JP Games for resources that are running Joomla 2.5x, says about its purpose - the game. Built template based on the three-column layout, integrated in it to increase the functional extensions such as: module Slideshow, Slimbox and JQuery Superfish Menu. It has a fast download speed and correct display in all mobile devices and modern browsers. Fully aligned with Joomla 2.5x.