Joomla Templates 1.7

Joomla 1.7 Templates

Large collection of popular patterns from well-known manufacturers of different themes are fully compatible with the release of joomla 1.7.

  • SJ Restaurant - template joomla


    SJ Restaurant - luxurious layout for the site for the restaurant theme, designed by design studio SmartAddons. In the template is built toolbar that lets you adjust the width of columns and layout, as well as control the color scheme and fonts. Template best suited for the development of sites of restaurants or cafes.

  • SJ Model - joomla template


    SJ Model - nice layout for the site, Developed by SmartAddons, can make us unique business card. The main advantage of template SJ Model is an absolute compatibility with known extensions, including the component K2, Kunena forum based and online shop VirtueMart. In contemporary design template included 4 color themes, such as pink, purple, blue and black. In addition, it is possible to easily adjust the other colors, changing the CSS file. A simple toolbar lets you change the template, adjust its width, font sizes and varieties, as well as set the desired modular layout.

  • VT News - template joomla


    News resource, developed by popular designers VTEM, the basis of which the layout VT News will look presentable and stylish. Layout has the support of a variety of mobile devices and browsers famous of all kinds. It is suitable for resources, Powered by Joomla versions from 1.5x to 1.7x. included in its composition three options styling and about forty module positions.

  • TF Ammon - joomla template


    TF Ammon - professional, and at the same time powerful enough pattern as presented such a popular studio as ThemeForest. Work carried out on this template, such a platform as Gantry Framework, which imparts a pattern compatible with all browsers and also provides quick enough when downloading speed. Has a modular template, in the amount of 70 pieces positions; unlimited color combinations layout and background; Mobile, Android and iPhone versions and 12 different sliders. With integrated support for various optional extensions achieved the possibility of obtaining significant extensions from the template of its capabilities when displayed on the pages of different information.

  • TF Eatoreh - joomla template


    TF Eatoreh - it presented the project ThemeForest modern and lightweight template, whose work is carried out on the platform T3 Joomlart Framework. Due to the fact that there is support for such a component, as K2, this pattern is great for the person to whom you want to create a business website. Here also concluded the following types of additional extensions: Akeeba Backup component for implementation at the sites of their backup module tabs such as Tabs GK4, News Show Pro GK4 component manager and news dispatches Component AcyMailing Starter.