Joomla Templates 2.5

Joomla 2.5 Templates

The most popular and well-known templates for joomla 2.5 from professional developers. The set of templates to suit all tastes for different joomla 2.5 themes and design.

  • HOT Hostel - joomla template


    Hot Hostel - template developers HotJoomla - what you need to create a small website of the hotel or hotels. Hot Hostel has a bright eye-catching design that will surely attract new visitors to the hotel, in addition, can not but rejoice, the supplied extension allows you to book a room directly from the site. With the available features of the new template, you can get acquainted on the demo site developers. Scrolling page will now be accompanied by a nice looking effects based on competent combination of dynamic and static effects. You can also adjust the parallax effects for images. In Hot Hostel function is set Multi Language.

  • JA Jason - joomla template

    jasonjoomla_25joomla 30

    JA Jason - the novelty of the studio JoomlArt. The original style templates for portfolio pages. JA Jason combines the modern look, functionality, no keeping up with modern technology, as well as an integrated component Hikashop. The template is compatible with both versions of Joomla, as 2.5 and 3.x. So he gathered together with T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3. The template includes three versions of the home page, and this is the first Joomla template with such a function. They draw attention to the products and information on the page more efficiently, which can ensure maximum revenue to the enterprise. In particular, due to the attractive design and varied typography. Therefore, JA Jason, we can say is ideal for small online stores and design portfolio.

  • JA Nuevo - joomla template

    newjoomla_25joomla 30

    Developers have created a template of JoomlArt JA Nuevo , which is perfect for business sites. Although the creators consider it a great solution for single web resource, but use it to create a full-fledged website does not take much effort. The main platform for this pattern became popular T3 Framework and BootStrap 3. This allowed the pattern to have a lot of customizable options in the admin panel. JA Nuevo has a modern design and works well with any device. In tincture template is easy to understand and you do not need to know PHP or CSS, to change this or that area of the site. To change the layout in JA Nuevo provided extension Layot Configuration, and to work with CSS - TheMeMagic. The template has a modern typography.

  • JP Blog - template joomla


    The new work studio JoomlaPlates - JP Blog is a stylish template for creating blogs. It is compatible with versions of CMS 2.5 and 3.x. If you want to create your own blog, or improve existing, then JP Blog will be your perfect solution. In the pattern layout embedded three variants having one, two and three columns. Thus, you can easily choose your option. To create JP Blog was used platform Warp 7, so that the pattern was adaptive design and can work correctly on all platforms. In a template built about 300 fonts, more than 200 icons, slider design with an adaptive and more than 45 module positions.

  • JP Superbike - joomla template


    The new work studio designers JoomlaPlates JP Superbike intended to create portals automotive subjects and is compatible with versions of Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. With it you can create a cool portal dedicated to bikes, cars and velobaykam. JP Superbike heart became a platform Warp 7 Framework. Thanks to this webmaster can easily change the colors and background menu directly from the administrative panel of the resource. JP Superbike has a large number of color schemes for the menu, which quickly configured using the template manager. It has an adaptive design, and more than 48 locations for modules with various options, such as icons, animations, icons and colors.