Joomla Templates 2.5

Joomla 2.5 Templates

The most popular and well-known templates for joomla 2.5 from professional developers. The set of templates to suit all tastes for different joomla 2.5 themes and design.

  • JSN Force - joomla template


    Template JSN Force was created by the studio JoomlaShine and is perfect for an online store that sells bicycles. Of course, this does not mean that the web resources, selling any other commodity it will not work. This can be clothing or household appliances. In the template was built popular and powerful component Virtuamart, which was created specifically for e-commerce. With it, the process of shopping and payment online is greatly simplified. Just studio designers do not forget to increase the functionality of your template and integrate into it the best designer K2 content.

  • JSN One - joomla template


    JoomlaShine studio released its new template JSN One , which is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and above. The creators are positioning their new job as a perfect solution for creating a web resource of commercial orientation. His great design is well suited for online shopping. That we could do business on-line, the template was built component J2Store. In JSN One module is built to display large image slideshow goods with a brief description. In addition, the template contains buttons of social networks, the form of subscription to our newsletters, photo gallery and more. JSN One code is clean and has been optimized to work with search engines.

  • JXTC Qix - joomla template


    JTXC Qix - the novelty of a professional team of developers from the studio JoomlaXTC. Perfect for creating online magazines and blogs. Design pattern is presented in contrasting colors and has 4 individual schemes color schemes. Also, the developers have added to the template set of extensions that significantly improve the existing functionality of the site. The template contains such useful additional components as JXTC Timeline, AcyMailing F ree Edition, JXTC Custom HTML Pro Module, JXTC Deluxe News Pro, JXTC Socializer Wall and JXTC Image Gallery Plugin. Developed a template based on the product of the same developers, reliable platform XTC Framework using another modern platform Twitter Bootstrap, that makes the site fully adaptive.

  • JXTC Urban Life - joomla template


    JXTC Urban Life - a new template from the design studio JoomlaXTC, designed to news portals and online publications. Template perfectly integrated with components such as JEvents, JomSocial and Kunena Forum, so that the functional pattern is considerably expanded. With JXTC Urban Life is not difficult to organize a small social network, a thematic forum or news site. Template compiled on the basis of reliable platform XTC Framework, so the site is not only adaptable to any device, regardless of the resolution and screen size, but also provides the ability to easily configure any template elements (color scheme, typography styles, layout modules, etc.) in the admin panel .

  • RT Nuance - joomla template


    RT Nuance - a new template from the design studio RocketTheme, perfectly suited for websites creative direction. Properties of some elements of interest to the user and allow him to focus attention directly on the contents of the site. With the help of CSS language implemented such designs as a drop-down menu that displays the structure of the site, with interesting animation effects. Layout template sufficiently responsive and adaptive, allowing you to create sites equally well be viewed from mobile devices and tablets. Mobile version of the page at the same time has a special menu, which increases the ease of navigation. In the assembly template RT Nuance also provide useful studio expansion: RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch and RokBooster.