Admin - Joomla Templates

Admin - Joomla Templates

Build joomla templates designed for the administrative part of your site. Different styles and easy navigation will make the administration of your site much easier.

  • VT Admin - joomla template


    VTEM Admin - this is a very lightweight Joomla template administration panel that accommodates logically effective and united together setting. Design template Admin has four color schemes that are fully functional platform support Joomla 2.5x or 1.5x. This is a pattern with the original open source, which enhances the user experience when working in the administrative part of Joomla.

  • JB Crisp - joomla template

    JB Crispjoomla_15

    JB Crisp - concise template for Joomla. Job site administrator is simplified thanks to the easy navigation layout. This template can be installed on site to work on version 1.5x Joomla. To activate the template must only assign it the default layout on the control panel.

  • JB Simpla - joomla template

    JB Simplejoomla_15

    JB Simpla - template for those who do not like the standard design of the administrative panel favorite of all Joomla. In the admin panel layout saturated variety of effects. In the template integrates all the best expansion, including a drop-down menu. Due to the large number of additional effects engine adminpaneli lightly weighted. JB Simpla layout makes heavy weekdays site administrator diverse and brighter.