Health and Beauty - Joomla Templates

Health and Beauty - Joomla Templates

A selection of templates for joomla on health and beauty. Qualitative templates for joomla from popular studios with which you can easily create a site beauty salon or fitness club.

  • OT Cosmetics - joomla template


    OT Cosmetics - a stylish online store template, which is represented by the design studio OmegaTheme. Designed template for CMS Joomla versions 2.5x. The template has a unique design that is ideal for the creation of any subject online stores. For easy sale of goods through the site has built-in support of the online component for commerce as VirtueMart. Correct work on mobile devices is achieved sympathetic in design templates. The template contains a myriad of different interesting features.

  • OT Clinical - joomla template


    OT Clinical - it's easy on medical subjects template business card site for Joomla versions 2.5x, which was submitted by developers from such studios as OmegaTheme. Pattern made ​​in conjunction with color accents in modern minimalist style. Adaptive in a given layout design allow the site to be displayed on any mobile device and any screens. When placing and publication of material on the site new features are achieved through the support of a comfortable, powerful built-in component K2. Work carried out on the original template OMG Responsive Framework platform, which is responsible for compliance with all existing browsers and faster when downloading speed.

  • IT HealthCare 2 - joomla template


    IT HealthCare 2 - this is the second version of the famous layout on medical subjects, developed by a team of IceTheme. This template is built six color schemes that are well suited for the development of sites on any topic. The layout presents a new development - the module IceFilter. It allows you to filter the content of Web sites and display them on the set parameters. In the development of this pattern takes into account all the modern requirements that help ensure the optimization of code, faster processing speed and methodically upload images, support for mobile platforms and all browsers.

  • HOT Clinic - joomla template


    HOT Clinic - is submitted by developers for sites HotJoomla easy template medical subjects, which supports the latest version of CMS Joomla. To create a professional and high-quality website is available in the template for this all the necessary tools. Pattern has a stylish design, which concluded a three color schemes, typography original styles. Through the use of the studio platform, a platform Sparky Framework, the entire system is achieved overall optimization, support for all browsers and mobile platforms, as well as adaptive functions. To increase functionality, have been added in the template components AcyMailing gained popularity and K2.

  • BT Beauty - joomla template


    BT Beauty - bright and stylish template theme beauty of the world-famous web studio BonusThemes. Exquisite design templates created in pleasant bright colors, that fits perfectly on any monitors, tablets and mobile. This template is presented noveyshy module slider, which will help in a pleasant form to organize new materials, news, promotions, advertising, and much more. Large selection of features gives high pattern optimization increases the speed of loading pages and krosbrauzernost. Template BT Beauty is perfect for creating a site beauty salons, beauty shops business card site.